What do we do?

We gather. Feed. Feast. Discuss. Give. Learn. Empower. Lead. Follow. Serve. Celebrate. Laugh. Cry. Adventure. Relax.

But most of all, we love God, love people, love creation.

What is a Methodist?

Methodism is simply a tradition of Christianity. It was birthed during the 1700s when Episcopal (Church of England) Priest John Wesley wanted to bring the church to the people. Out of the hands of the aristocrats. Into the hands of the common person. Like Jesus, God's revelation revealed in a human being, we seek to meet everyone where they are and empower them as they are. Do we expect people to change? You bet! God's Spirit perfects us into God's very image, but this change is to be God-initiated, not conforming to an image we have in mind.

Every person is a priest (1 Peter 2:4-5). God enables all to experience God's holy mysteries. All, and I mean ALL, are welcome.

Alpine Abbey is a church within the United Methodist denomination. We are also part of the Reconciling Ministries Network, meaning we value everyone's sacred worth regardless of their sexual orientation or gender expression. We do not find this to be in conflict with the scriptures despite what is often preached around the world. Actually, we find this being more faithful to scripture and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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Who We Are

We're people like you. We are from here. From elsewhere. Professors. Ranchers. Ski Patrollers. Forest Service Workers. Retired. Working. Artistic. Number crunchers. Food Service Folk. Musicians. Raft Guides. Skiers and Snowboarders. Gardners. Quilters. Cooks.

We are happy. Sad. Hopeful. Struggling. Optimistic. Scared. Concerned. Grounded. Free-spirited. Secure. In need. Faithful. Doubting.

We are on a journey with God, toward God, and with each other.